After Brawl in US, Turkish Leader Slams Security Officers' Indictment

President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan today said it was a "complete scandal" that several of his security officers were indicted in the U.S. for allegedly assaulting peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C. in May -- a violent clash that was caught on tape.

“This is a complete scandal,” Erdogan told reporters, according to Reuters. “It is a scandalous sign of how justice works in the United States.”

Earlier this week 19 people were reportedly indicted, including 15 identified as Turkish security officials. 

On the day of the incident, May 16, a group of anti-Erdogan protesters were chanting outside the residence of the Turkish ambassador. Erdogan was in town for a meeting with President Donald Trump and, at the time, was attempting to visit with the ambassador.

A detailed video analysis of the ordeal by The New York Times showed the brawl began shortly after one of Erdogan's security officials appeared to lean in the window of Erdogan's car and exchange words with him. Shortly after apparently conferring with Erdogan, three security officials hurried towards the protesters. The fighting started soon afterwards, and another video showed at least one of the original three men punching and kicking people, along with more than a dozen other alleged attackers, some of whom were armed.

Several people, including two American police officers, were injured in the assault.

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