Did Jogging Routes Spill National Security Secrets?


In November, an exercise app company called Strava created a map that it said showed each of the 3 trillion GPS points its customers had shared with it publicly. The result was a beautiful, worldwide heatmap showing the running, biking, swimming and skiing routes of millions of its users. For months, it was a cool-looking curiosity.

But then, this weekend, suddenly it was "like Christmas" for security analysts. That's because one astute observer noticed that some of those exercising routes were in pretty interesting places -- places like areas around potentially highly sensitive military and espionage facilities. Soldiers and spies, it seemed, had forgotten to turn on the right privacy settings and were leaking information by going on their daily jog.

Since the discovery Saturday, analysts have noted activity around everything from a missile compound in Taiwan to the deserts of Yemen.

Read the full story at Real Clear Life

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