Terror Suspect Says He Survived Hezbollah Hit Squad


A New York man accused of being a Hezbollah “sleeper” in the U.S. said that he survived what he suspects was an assassination attempt by the Lebanese militant organization after a rumor spread that he was a U.S. government informant. Only then did he decide to become a U.S. government informant.

Ali Kourani, a U.S. citizen and allegedly a former member of Hezbollah’s secretive Islamic Jihad Organization (IJO) also known simply as “910,” made the claim in court papers earlier this month. Kourani was detailing what he said was FBI harassment he had suffered since 2012, causing the loss of jobs and a strain on his marriage.

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“In the following weeks [of spring 2016] I became more desperate over my family situation and my wife and I began to see our marriage deteriorate,” Kourani, 33, writes. “In July of 2016 I took my family for a vacation to Lebanon. Following an argument with my wife, fueled by the rumor that I was an American government informant, members of Hezbollah attacked my home in Yater, Lebanon.

“These people shot bullets at my home and tried to abduct or kill me, I am not sure which,” he said.

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