How the FBI Blew Its Own Cover in Counter-Terrorism Sting


The FBI had been onto suspected ISIS-wannabe Everitt Jameson for weeks. Court documents say that following a tip from an informant, the feds had seen the California tow-truck driver “liking” and “loving” terrorism-related content on social media. They arranged for Jameson to unwittingly meet with an undercover agent, where he praised jihadists and deadly terror attacks.

Eventually, he turned the corner and allegedly sketched out his own plan to detonate a bomb and gun down innocent civilians in San Francisco — maybe on Christmas Day for maximum effect. He would not need an escape plan, he purportedly said, because he was ready to die.

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Then, on Dec. 18, a week before the proposed attack and at perhaps the most tense part of the sting operation, a fumble.

“[A]n FBI employee, using an identifiable telephone number with a Washington, D.C. area code (202) mistakenly called Jameson’s cellular phone. After Jameson answered in apparent Arabic language, the FBI employee immediately terminated the call. Shortly afterward, Jameson called the 202 telephone number, which resolves to a voice mail identifying the name (but not employing agency) of [the] user of the 202 telephone,” a criminal complaint in the case says.

It wasn’t much, but it was apparently enough to spook the FBI’s quarry...

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